Since 2004 we’ve offered a Custom Stock Request facility to our clients. When clients are unable to find what they’re looking for online, they’ll contact us and we’ll put the request out to our contributors. This service gives clients a more flexible option when they’ve exhausted all other avenues. Over the years we’ve polished the workflow and it’s now neatly integrated into our website.


A client will put a search directly  through to our picture research team, either via email or using the Livesearch link under the main search bar. The online form allows our clients to enter deadlines, upload comps, and enter as much information about the brief as possible.

One of our professional picture researchers will then process the brief, adding any helpful suggestions. This is then posted to our contributors in the following manner…

  • DIRECT EMAIL: As a registered contributor, you’ll receive the brief via standard email.
  • TELEGRAM SMS MESSAGE: Sent to all contributors who have signed up for our private contributors Telegram group.
  • BLOG POST: The search will appear on our blog   blog

If you have images you feel would be suitable for a particular brief, all you have to do is apply the Livesearch code to the images you plan on uploading. This can be done by opening them up In our LT Keyworder application, entering the code in the Livesearch field and click Apply. That’s it. The images can then be uploaded in the usual manner and our researchers will be able to filter them out. All images submitted for Live Search requests, also go into the submission workflow. Please ensure to only supply images that are not already part of our collection or with another library.