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Many generic images do not require you to apply any keywords at all, as our keyworders will add these for you. But, there are those that require you to enter specific keywords (that our keyworders will obviously not know). Omitting these terms will SERIOUSLY affect the salability of an image, in many cases it will make the image unsalable, as it simply won’t be found in relevant searches.


Any image that shows a location must contain the location information. Think about it this way…is the location important to the image? A city shot of Paris without the terms Paris and France applied is a waste of everyone’s time. A client is rarely simply going to enter ‘city’ then search 10.000 images to see if there are any images of Paris in there. Clients search for specific terms.

As an example, clients routinely ask us for specific locations for their thriller book covers. An NYC street or alley is not the same as one in Barcelona or London. There are architectural differences that a knowledgeable designer will pick up on straight away. Many books are passed onto authors for approval, and they are sticklers for details.

So remember, the location information is going to help sell your images, put them in.

LOCATION SPECIFICS: The exact location i.e Brooklyn Bridge

CITY: New York City

STATE : New York

COUNTRY: United States of America

Please fill all four fields

WHAT NOT TO INCLUDE:  If you have a shot of a model with a bit of foliage in the background, you don’t need to apply the location. Or an image where the location is not relevant.

Examples of images that require location information

Examples of images that DO NOT require location information


What do we mean by specifics? By this we mean the exact details of that object, or item. Examples would as follows…

CAR / specifics would be the make and model e.g 1968 Ford Mustang

A DOG or CAT / specifics would mean the breed e.g Doberman Pinscher etc...

A SWORD / specifics would be the type of sword i.e  Japanese katana, English broadsword etc…

A GUN /  specifics would mean the make and model e.g Colt .45 revolver etc…

A SOLDIER / specifics would be the type of solder e.g US First Armoured Division etc…

Remember, clients search for specific terms. If a client is searching for a Japanese sword, they will not simply enter sword and then browse thousands of irrelevant images. They will enter Japanese Katana Sword. Clients do not have time to waste and will simply go elsewhere if they can’t find things quickly.

WHAT NOT TO INCLUDE IN SPECIFICS:  Do not enter generic terms, such as man, woman, landscape, sword, gun etc…these are obvious terms and will be applied by our keyworders. Any generic terms entered into these fields will be routinely removed.

Examples of images requiring specific details


You’ve set up a shoot with models dressed in Edwardian costumes, have a hair and make-up artist. Spent a considerable amount of money and effort on this shoot, artworked and uploaded to our site. One thing you forgot to add…the keyword EDWARDIAN PERIOD.

You’ve just managed to sabotage your own shoot and essentially make it almost impossible to sell that set.

We receive many historical images without any period attached to them. Our keyworders are not historians and will have no idea what to apply. So please, apply the time period. This genre is one of the most lucrative, so make the most of it.

Examples of images requiring historic details


You now have the facility to enter your own conceptual terms. Select from the drop-down menu those terms you feel are suitable.


Select from the drop-down menu to show your images are model/property released. All images of recognizable people must be fully model released. Uploading images without a release is a breach of the Arcangel contributor contract. Any legal conflicts that arise from not having a release and resulting in financial costs to the client will be incurred by the photographer, so please, if you don’t have a release, DON’T UPLOAD IT.

SENSITIVE SUBJECT CLAUSE: ensure your releases include a sensitive subject clause.  There are some genres in publishing, such as misery memoirs that deal with sensitive subjects such as child abuse, difficult childhoods etc…without these clauses in place, images of sad looking children become essentially unsalable, as buyers won’t touch them.

Download and use our releases from the contributor help section if in doubt.


ARCANGEL: This is our main collection. Rights-managed images must be exclusive to Arcangel and cannot be uploaded to other libraries. Royalty Free images can be uploaded to other RF libraries.

Once you have applied the license type, do not change it, as licensing conflicts could occur. By default, images are uploaded as RM.

NOTE:  It’s important that images you upload as Royalty Free to Arcangel, should remain as RF regardless of what other library you upload too. Microstock is NOT Royalty Free.  A client seeing an image for sale on Arcangel for $299 then seeing it in a Microstock outlet for $5 or less is not going to be happy. This approach will only damage both our reputations.


DO NOT use other photographer’s images in your composites. Even if you have purchased images as Royalty Free from other libraries, you cannot upload these composite images to Arcangel. Royalty Free does not mean you can sub-license the image yourself, which is what you are doing by uploading to a licensing agency like Arcangel. All uploaded images should be your own work, as stipulated in the contributor agreement.


If uploading images for and Livesearch project, select the project here.

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